• F r e e d o m

    Cocotte & Poulette

    Soundary Cycle's backpacks to move freely in the urban jungle


  • C O C O T T E / p o u l e t t e



    U N I QUE

    Designed to adjust all bicycles, made of weather resistant materials, locally manufactured.













    T H E

    S T O R Y




  • Soundary Cycle vision

    Emancipation through mobility,

    Freedom through innovation.

    Soundary Cycle is based on the conviction that the cyclist in a city is much more than a cyclist , it is a social individu.


    All are items are designed to be functionnal for pedestrians and cyclists and to fit men and women.


    The founder

    I am convinced that bicycles is a formidable emancipating tool, that overcomes gender and conventions

    The only way to convince more women and men to cycle is implementing safer cities infrastructure.

    Soundary will create design and convertible cyclist equipments to help us move in soothed cities.


  • The movie Soundary Cycle

    The video of our crowdfunding campaign

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